When should I buy my flight in Expedia

When Should I book my Flight

Online prices for flights and hotels are constantly changing. But there are some tips and tricks to get the best airfare and hotel room rate on online booking portals. A recent study by the Expedia Group analyzes the flight and hotel price development for 2019. The online travel agency includes booking portals such as Ebookers or HomeAway. With these five tips, you can save money when booking through Expedia portals.

1. Secure your flight at least 3 weeks in advance
Last minute has the wrong reputation for being particularly cheap. Travelers usually get the best airfare when they book three weeks before departure.

2. Buy your flights on Weekends
The study shows that economy and business fares are cheaper if purchased on a Saturday or Sunday. On average, travelers save up to 20 percent on airfare when booking on a Sunday.

3. Book hotel rooms on Fridays
Analyzing over 890,000 properties, the average room rate for a Friday booking is the cheapest. Hotel rooms and flights should not necessarily be booked together.

4. Departure before the weekend
Smart spenders should fly on a Thursday or Friday on vacation. On these weekdays are the airfares up to 10 percent below the average airfare cost.

5.business trip
Anyone traveling on business often should attach Saturday to their journey. For popular business destinations, which are heavily visited during the week, a return trip on Saturday is cheaper.

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