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Tren del Vino: Why Wine Lovers have to experience the Wine Train in Chile

Tren del Vino: Why Wine Lovers have to experience the Wine Train in Chile

If you are a wine lover, then taking the Tren del Vino train route is an absolute must during your Chile vacation. There are several world-renowned wineries in Chile that offer tours and tasting sessions, but there wasn’t a good way to hit all of them at once until the Wine Train came along. This train brings you to each winery and allows you to taste the fine wine that each one has to offer. Unfortunately, the train is currently operating only very irregularly and schedules are only announced a few weeks beforehand. If you are interested in booking this train, feel free to drop us an email via our contact page or sign up to our newsletter where we announce the latest train schedules.

Tren del Vino – The Train

The train itself features 4 cars and an authentic antique steam locomotive that pulls them. This makes you feel as though you have been transported to a simpler time and definitely contributes to the experience of tasting the wine and traveling throughout all the best wineries in the country. The average speed of the train is between 30 and 40 km/h, which allows for a nice leisurely pace as you not only enjoy your wine but all the sights that you can see on your journey.

Tren del Vino Amenities

As you travel through all the best wineries that Chile has to offer, you’ll be pampered on board with complimentary cheeses and nuts to go along with your wine and open your palate for maximum enjoyment. One of the best things about this train is that it’s not just a mode of transportation–it also serves as a tour guide through Chile.

There is a bilingual tour guide aboard the train to guide you through what you are seeing as well as the various wineries that are in Chile and what you should expect from each. Not only will they teach you about the various wineries that you are visiting, but you’ll also be able to enhance your knowledge about wine exponentially through their lessons on what it takes to produce a great wine.

Tren del Vino Stops

Though the primary focus of this train ride is on the several wineries that are sprawled throughout the country, there are also other stops on this train ride that you’ll enjoy. One of the stops is a museum that you can learn about wine and the history of the region at. Another notable stop is an astronomical observatory. You’ll ride a scenic cable car to get to the observatory, where you can look at planets and stars through the incredibly powerful telescopes that are housed within.

Tren del Vino Food

Along with wine, there are other things to consume on this scenic ride. You’ll enjoy lunch onboard the train that consists of various salads. You’ll get to try some unique wine and eat a light lunch to tie you over until the end of the journey. The salads feature culturally-relevant ingredients that introduce you to the flavors of the region and culture and immerse you fully in the experience.

Tren del Vino Staff

The Wine Train has an outstanding reputation for having a very helpful and courteous staff that do their best to give you a luxury experience that you can enjoy. You can be confident that they will address any need that they can and do their best to not only transport you but educate you and provide insight when it comes to history and facts about the local culture.

Watch a video of the train here:

photo copyright: Rafael, de xtrapotrenes

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