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Train Departure Lima – Huancayo – Lima 2019

The Train Departures for the Lima – Huancayo train have been published very late this year (2019). Please note that we don’t sell train tickets for this journey. In case you decide to do only one trip, we recommend traveling from Lima to Huancayo which means you ascend the Andes in the morning. The western Andes are often shrouded in clouds during the afternoon when the train Huancayo – Lima descends the Andes.

We are often asked if it is possible to travel from Huancayo to Cusco overland. Yes it is possible, but it is a long and uncomfortable journey that takes at least 2 – 3 days in a private car. If you travel in public transport the journey must be even be much longer. We strongly recommend to fly from Lima to Cusco, especially if your travel time is limited. In case you don’t want to do the return trip from Huancayo to Lima you can fly.

Last year we offered the journey from Huancayo to Huancavelica. It is a fantastic train trip; unfortunately, this train journey is very unreliable. We suggest that you check in Huancayo if the train leaves to Huancavelica. Usually, the train leaves very early in the morning.

The departure dates 2019 from the Lima – Huancayo – Lima train are as follows:

Lima - Huancayo: April 18 
Huancayo - Lima: April 21

Lima - Huancayo: May 01
Huancayo - Lima: May 04

Lima - Huancayo: June 28
Huancayo - Lima: Jul 01

Lima - Huancayo: Julio 26
Huancayo - Lima: Julio 29

Lima - Huancayo: August 30
Huancayo - Lima: September 01

Lima - Huancayo: September 20
Huancayo - Lima: September 22

Lima - Huancayo: October 05
Huancayo - Lima: October 08

Lima - Huancayo: October 31
Huancayo - Lima: November 03

Lima - Huancayo: November 22
Huancayo - Lima: November 25

The train departure in from Lima at 07:00 AM from the Desamparados Railway Station. From Huancayo the train leaves from the “Ferrocarriles Centrales” Railway Station also at 07:00 AM. Clase Turistico includes breakfast and lunch, but it is not a lot of food. We recommend to bring something additional to eat.

Have a look at our organized Lima – Huancayo – Lima tours


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