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Serra Verde Express, Brazil: A Spectacular Train Ride Crossing the Atlantic Forest

Serra Verde Express, Brazil: A Spectacular Train Ride Crossing the Atlantic Forest

The Serra Verde Express is a sightseeing train ride in Brazil that offers some of the most breathtaking views of Brazil’s nature. On this train ride, you’ll see mountain canyons, tropical green lowlands, and even sneak a peek of the Atlantic ocean. As you advance in the train ride, you’ll see that the climate changes and it becomes hotter and muggier as the vegetation becomes thicker. This is truly a premier destination that is lesser-known on a global scale, but every bit as crucial to your Brazil vacation or journey.

About the Serra Verde Express

The Serra Verde Express was built in the 1880s and was considered a very impressive feat of engineering due to how ambitious it was for the time. The train originally was needed to connect cities on the coast, but also developed into a logistical boon that helped to move grain from the south end of Brazil to the north end. The train and the railway were built in only 5 years and remain an impressive feat.

Serra Verde Express Route

This train connects Curitiba to Paranagua and the track that it travels on is 610 kilometers long. On the journey, you’ll find 13 tunnels and over 30 bridges, each providing you with a beautiful sight into the history of this route and other travel in the country. The train isn’t the only impressive engineering accomplishment on your journey, you’ll see several historical and innovative structures on the way, as well.

Along the route, there are three active train stations. One is located in Marumbi State Park, another is in Morretes, and the final one is in Paranagua. Morretes is a very historical town that many people choose to travel to and Paranagua is on the coast, providing you with plenty of stuff to do at the conclusion of your trip.

The whole train ride lasts about 3 hours, which is just enough to pack in tons of views and sightseeing but not so much as to make it an inconvenience. The setting for the majority of the trip is Brazil’s Atlantic Forest.

Serra Verde Express, Brazil: A Spectacular Train Ride Crossing the Atlantic Forest

Environmentally Responsible

This train route remains one of the few environmentally-responsible tourist destinations left in Brazil. As we see more and more the destruction of logging and other industries on the once lush forests of Brazil, we grow to appreciate the untouched forest. People still want to see all the nature that Brazil has to offer, but most now prefer that it is done in a responsible way that doesn’t harm the environment around them.

This train provides a great way to do that. It travels at a slow speed and is loud to ward off any animals. The company takes special care to provide revenue to the surrounding cities and help out with the conservation of the surrounding forest, so you can feel good about your trip and the money that you spent on it.

Once you arrive at your destination, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to mingle with the locals and stimulate the economy by purchasing handmade crafts and other unique products that come out of the region.

Watch a video of the Serra Verde Express here:


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