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Trains & Coffee in Colombia and Panama

16 Days from USD 4’895.– per person

Discover with us Colombia, a destination that is still off the beaten for travelers. Discover exciting Train journeys, especially to mention is a trip on a carriage pulled by a Motorrodillo, a motorbike on rails, through South America’s longest Railway Tunnel on the old Antioquia Railroad. A visit to a Coffee and Flower Farm are also on the tour program before we fly to Panama City where we end the trip traveling on the Transoceanic Train along the Panama Canal.

South American Train Adventures

17 Days from USD 5’475.– per person

The main ingredients of this Tour are Train Journeys and the visit of old industrial sites that played an important role in Bolivia’s and Chile’s recent railway history. An extraordinary travel experience is the journey on the La Paz – Arica Railway traveling on a Ferrobus from Viacha to Charaña.  We end the trip south of Santiago traveling on the “Last Ramal” from Talca to Constitucion and on the “Corto Laja” from Concepcion to Laja.  

Journey from Buenos Aires to Lima

21 Days from USD 6’587.– per person

The Journey from Buenos Aires to Lima brings you from the iconic city of Buenos Aires via La Paz in Bolivia to Lima in Peru. Breathtaking sceneries await you every day during this trip. We travel to destinations such as the colored mountains of the Quebrada de Humahuaca, the Uyuni Salt Flat, the Lake Titicaca, the city of Cusco and of course the citadel of Machu Picchu. The journey from Buenos Aires to Lima is full of contrasts while you discover one in one of the most beautiful parts of the world.

Train Lima - Huancayo - Lima

5 or 6 Days from USD 1’191.– per person

The Train Journey from Lima to Huancayo is among the most scenic train journeys you can do. The train overcomes over 4700 m (15’420 ft) of altitude in about 7 hours. The trip includes hotel accommodation in Lima and Huancayo and excursions in the Mantaro Valley. There is a possibility to extend the train journey on the “Tren Macho” from Huancayo to Huancavelica in case it is running. 

Ecuador's "Tren Crucero"

4 Days from USD 1’735.– per person

Aboard the “Tren Crucero” are two journeys possible: You can travel from Quito in the Andes to Guayaquil, the largest port city of Ecuador or in the other direction. The itinerary in eiher direction is not exactly the same, but both journeys give you an excellent overview of Ecuador, its cultures and landscapes. Indigenous communities along the railroad participate active making this trip unforgettable.  

Brazil By Train

21 Days from the price is not defined yet

We start our expedition in Salvador de Bahia, the old capital of Brazil at the Atlantic Ocean. We travel by train from Vitoria to Belo Horizonte and then continue on various museum trains to Rio de Janeiro. During our trip we visit historical cities like Ouro Preto, Tiradentes, Curitiba, Campinas and before we end the trip we visit the Iguazu Falls. The last destination on our journey is Brazil’s largest city Sao Paulo.