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Puerto Varas, the City of Roses & German Jewel in the South of Chile

Puerto Varas, also known as “La ciudad de las rosas (the city of roses)” is a city and a commune located in the south of Chile in the Los Logas Region.

In the city, you can walk through a colonial village full of German influences, climb volcanoes, kayak over the gigantic Llanquiju lake and visit the nearby Vicente Pérez Rosales Park. This city is an outdoor paradise in Chile!

Puerto Varas is located in the south of the Lake District and is just 23 kilometers from the larger city of Puerto Montt. It has turned into a popular tourist destination and an indispensable stop during your trip through Chile because of the various activities you can enjoy there. The adjacent lake and volcanoes make Puerto Varas a true outdoor paradise. Kayaking, fishing, climbing or skiing… You don’t have to sit still there in Puerto Varas!

German village in Chile

Before you immerse yourself in the outdoor activities, first take a look at the streets and the buildings in Puerto Varas. This charming village has a European feel with the architecture that has survived since German settlers settled there at the end of the nineteenth century.

You can see those German influences everywhere, from the architecture to their cuisine. A good example is the largest church called La Iglesia del Sagrado Corazón(Sacred Heart of Jesus Church), which is very difficult for even Tourists to miss because of its bright red pointy towers. This architecture was inspired by Marienkirche of Black Forest, Germany. In cafes in Puerto Varas, you can also enjoy a nice cup of coffee with German pastries, cakes, and chocolates. You can drink German craft beer and have German dishes at restaurants as well.

Puerto Varas german village

An outdoor paradise, Puerto Varas

From the center of the city, you can easily walk to Lake Llanquijia. Explore the second largest lake in Chile by kayak and paddle across the clear blue water while admiring the Osorno and Calbuco volcanoes towering high above the lake.

Do you want to have a closer look of the Osorno volcano? This won’t be too easy but some steep climbing brings you to the top of the volcano. You would notice that the path to the top of the volcano first starts with the black volcanic sand but that slowly turns into snow and ice.

The higher you go, the harder the journey becomes but the fantastic view is worth the effort. From the top of the volcano, you can overlook the blue lake, the village, and the Calbuco volcano.

Vicente Pérez Rosales Park

The outdoor activities attract many travelers to Puerto Varas. But that is not only what Puerto Varas can offer. In addition, the town is also an ideal spot for exploring the nature reserves in the region. After less than an hour’s drive, you will find yourself already in the beautiful Vicente Pérez Rosales Park.

In this oldest park in Chile, you can walk near lakes, passing splashing waterfalls and proceeding through the dense green forests. You can swim in lakes surrounded by snow-covered volcanoes and explore the park riding on horseback or even take a boat trip on Lake Todos Los Sandos.

After a day of hiking, horseback riding and swimming in Vicente Pérez Rosales Park, you can choose to sleep at the park in your tent or spend the night in a hotel in the park. You can also return to Puerto Varas and recall your adventurous day while drinking German beer near the water place.

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