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Peru Chocolate Tour: Don’t Miss Visiting the Chocolate House and the Chocolate Museum in Lima

After seeing beautiful historical highlights and endless jungle, you should also taste a country literally during a trip. This is also possible in Peru in all sorts of variations, from delicious street food to three-star dinners, cooking classes, and the best chocolate.

You get to know the country in Lima with all your senses at El Cacaotal, the chocolate house, or the Chocolate Museum in Miraflores.

If you are in Lima, there are of course plenty of sights on your to-do list, but only one can be the tastiest. And you immediately have a good excuse to go and feast: this place is also enormously educational, because you will learn everything there is to know about an important part of Peruvian culture. At Chocolate House El Cacaotal and Chocolate Museum Miraflores you can find the largest selection of Peruvian chocolate and where the story behind the chocolate and the makers is also central.

Nice educational workshops and tastings

El Cacaotal opened in 2017 in a huge ‘casona’ (mansion) in the trendy Barranco neighborhood. With more than 200 bars and more than 40 chocolate brands, it is not only a modest museum in the Peruvian capital, but also an ‘edible library’. The bars are neatly sorted by the region where the cocoa comes from. During the free tastings you will learn everything about the different flavors, the history of cocoa and chocolate flavors in Peru , where real cocoa farmers regularly explain the production process. Moreover, you can also go there for tasty chocolate making workshops. A homemade chocolate bar is the best souvenir! If it makes it to your home destination 😉

Besides El Cacaotal there is also another location where you can experience the Peruvian chocolate experience, namely the Chocolate Museum in Miraflores. In this museum you can not only immerse yourself in the history and production process of chocolate starting with the cocoa tree in the jungle, but you can also take the opportunity to take a chance to make different chocolates during various workshops and cooking classes tailored to your own taste. Bars, beans, liqueurs or truffles, there is no kind of chocolate that you cannot find in the Chocolate Museum.

chocolate museum miraflores
photo (c) https://www.chocomuseo.com

Peruvian chocolate unique in the world

Peru is one of the larger cocoa countries in the world. With so many micro-ecosystems, a fertile and diverse soil and the ideal climate for the cocoa trees, countless different species can grow and the result in chocolate form is just as varied. To produce chocolate, the beans are extracted from ripe pods and fermented for a few days, so that the sweet flesh starts to break down and gets the right taste. The beans are then placed in the sun to dry. They are then roasted and ground into cocoa mass, which is then converted into chocolate in various ways. Peruvian cocoa is known for its exceptional taste and aromas. Many travelers say that they only ate real chocolate in Peru for the first time.

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