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Insider Tips for Sao Paulo: This is What First Time Travellers Need to Know

Insider Tips for Sao Paulo: This is What First Time Travellers Need to Know

Sao Paulo is one of the better-known cities in Brazil. Almost all travelers have Rio de Janeiro and the surrounding areas on their to-do list, but Sao Paulo is also one of the more popular destinations in the country. That is of course not for nothing. In this blog, we share our insider tips for Sao Paulo. Use it to your advantage!

# 1 Transportation in Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo is a huge city. Even the avid hikers will have to admit to public transportation. Something that is very well arranged in Sao Paulo. These are the best ways to travel in the city.

Public transport

The Sao Paulo metro system, in particular, is very good. There are five lines that connect the city and suburbs and it is super cheap. The metro runs daily from 4.40 a.m. to midnight (1.00 a.m. on Saturdays). You also have buses and trolleybuses that run through the city.

Pro tip: Avoid the metro during rush hour. It can get pretty chaotic around that time.


Taxis are widely used. Not only in Sao Paulo, but throughout Brazil. A ‘normal’ taxi charges around 2 USD per kilometer. There are also more luxurious taxis, but they often charge double the price.

Transportation in Sao Paulo

# 2 Is Sao Paulo safe?

Safety is a relative term. What we find safe can be labeled by someone else as unsafe or vice versa. Safety is one of the most important tips for Sao Paulo because this city had a reasonable share of crime. This was once one of the cities with the most crime in Brazil.

Fortunately, this has changed more and more in recent years and Sao Paulo is now one of the safest cities in Brazil. That, of course, does not mean that you do not have to watch out.

Tourists in Sao Paulo sometimes fall victim to pickpockets. Don’t just walk on the street at night and keep in mind that public transportation is not the safest way to travel at night.

Pro tip: Unlike the favelas in Rio, it is better not to visit them in Sao Paulo

# 3 Best time to visit Sao Paulo

One of the best tips for Sao Paulo is that you can visit the city on weekdays. The famous sights are a lot less crowded than at the weekend when many locals also go into town.

In terms of weather, it is best to visit São Paulo from March to November. The temperatures are then comfortable. The summer runs from December to March and this brings a lot of heat and rain. This makes it less suitable.

The winter (June to September) has pleasant temperatures and little rain, which makes it considered the high season.

# 4 Nicest neighborhoods to spend the night

Of course, overnight accommodation is also part of tips for Sao Paulo. Sao Paulo is a very big city and it can be quite unclear what exactly the nicest neighborhoods are to spend the night. This, of course, depends on your own wishes, but at least check these neighborhoods.

Batman Alley - Vila-Madalena, Sao Paulo
Batman Alley – Vila-Madalena, Sao Paulo

Vila Madalena

Vila Madalena is perhaps the trendiest neighborhood of São Paulo with trendy shops, trendy bars, and restaurants. The most famous street in Beco do Batman, a small one-way street full of street art. Especially popular with young people.


Also known as Jardim Paulista and is the most popular area of ​​Sao Paulo. It is the ideal place for tourists and is close to Avenida Paulista, which according to many is the Times Square of Sao Paulo.

Pro tip:  Accommodation can be found for 20 USD a night


If you want to spend the night in a neighborhood with a bit of history, Centro is the best place. It is the neighborhood with the most atmosphere, but traditionally not the neighborhood where most travelers stay. Nevertheless, a nice neighborhood!

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