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Five Unknown Highlights in Bolivia You Should Put On Your Bucket List

Five Unknown Highlights in Bolivia You Should Put On Your Bucket List

Bolivia is on the bucket list for many travelers. That is not surprising for a country with world-famous sights such as Sucre, Salar de Uyuni or Lake Titicaca. All of them beautiful places to visit, but what many people do not know is that there is much more to see. That is why today we share the 5 most unknown highlights in Bolivia.

# 1 Visit the colonial village of Sorata

In a country with cities such as La Paz, Sucre, and Potosi, this village is slowing down a bit. Sorata is close to Lake Titicaca and can, therefore, be combined with a visit to the lake. It is a picturesque colonial village wedged between green valleys and snow-covered mountain tops.

It is special that this village is not really known as one of the highlights in Bolivia but at the same time a victory. It is not yet overflowing by travelers and the tranquility that you find in the town and the breathtaking surroundings is unique.

In the center, you will find cozy cafes and restaurants and even palm trees! Local street vendors sell fresh fruit and vegetables and various tour operators offer walking tours.

La Paz to Rurrenabaque


# 2 Raft in 6 days from La Paz to Rurrenabaque

You can do it! The real adventurers can raft from La Paz to Rurrenabaque in 6 days. It is one of the coolest, most challenging and special highlights in Bolivia. Not for the unsporting travelers, because it is a major exhaustion battle, but so cool!

You start in La Paz with a guide and your group. You sail straight through the rainforest, without other boats or sounds of civilization. Only you and the river. You will sail through Madidi, spend the night in tents and will go ashore at some points to do other special activities.

# 3 Visit the unknown Noel Kempff

Bolivia has a beautiful nature. Salar de Uyuni and the special environment is an example of this. Yet there is of course much more to see than this well-known salt flat. So you have the jungle in Madidi or the mountain tops around La Paz.

One of the more unknown highlights in Bolivia is Noel Kempff. This is not a German tennis player, but a national park in Bolivia that is so far away from civilization that you can only get there with a private plane.

If you are looking for untouched nature where you really will not meet anyone except your guide, this is the place to be in Bolivia!

jaguars in Kaa Iya National Park

# 4 Spot jaguars in Kaa Iya National Park

Unknown, but Kaa Iya National Park is the largest national park in Bolivia. However, what makes the park so special is that this is one of the best places in the world to spot wild jaguars.

It is not easy to get here. You will first have to travel to Santa Cruz. That is a messy 15 hours from La Paz so flying is the best option. From here you travel another 4 hours by car to San Jose de Chiquitos.

In the national park are no paved roads, only two sandy roads. There is no accommodation apart from tents. Showers and toilets are only available in the houses of the rangers that protect the animals. Really back to basic so.

# 5 Explore Sajama National Park

One of the more unknown highlights in Bolivia is Sajama National Park. That is strange because it is one of the most beautiful nature reserves in South America. The park borders Chile and is known for its rugged nature, mountain peaks with snow, the many wild alpacas and volcanoes.

It is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts who want to walk or cycle. Tourists hardly come here and there is a good chance that you, on yourself and your guide, will not meet anyone.

Another reason that this is not (yet) so busy here is because of the altitude. The entire park is above 4,000 meters and not everyone can handle that. Can you manage this? Then don’t hesitate and put Sajama National Park on your bucket list!

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