Ecuador's Tren Crucero

 4 Days/3 Nights | Individual Tour | Price from USD 1’735.–

Experience the wonders of Ecuador on board the Tren Crucero. Modern, electric-diesel and restored steam locomotives pull a convoy of two passenger carriages carrying a maximum of fifty passengers from Quito to Duran or vice versa. A bar car with lounge and an observation car complete the setup of the Tren Crucero.

The guides and train staff are passionate about the train and its journey and are always ready to reply to your questions and serve you.  That you enjoy the breathtaking scenery a maximum, you travel on the Tren Crucero during the day and spend the nights in characterful countryside hotels and haciendas along the railroad.

Explore Ecuador during the excursions that are organized daily from the Tren Crucero. Learning about the cacao bean and chocolate production, stroll through traditional indigenous markets, visit artisans’ workshops, meet the last “ice-harvester” in Ecuador are only a few activities among many other adventures you do during the trip.

Tour Highlights

Map Tren Crucero
  • Enjoy a comfortable train journey aboard the luxurious Tren Crucero. Relax being papered by staff members of the train. 
  • Breathtaking, contrasting scenery passes in front of your train window when the train travels during 3 days across the Ecuadorian Andes and 1 Day across the tropical, flat coastal region. 
  • Take the pleasure in traveling over the Devil’s Nose and live one of the most famous train adventures in South America. The train overcomes an altitude difference of 500 m on 12 km railroad. 
  • Participate in the daily excursions that are organized daily from the train. 
  • Stay overnight in haciendas and historical inn’s along the railroad.

Itinerary Quito - Guayaquil

Departure Dates 2019:  Jan 22, Feb 05, Feb 19, Mar 05, Mar19, Apr 02, Apr 16, May 28, Jun 11, Jue 25, Jul 09, Jul 23, Aug 06, Aug 20, Sep 03, Sep 17, Oct 01, Oct 15, Oct 29, Nov 12, Nov 26, Dec 10

Day 1: Quito - Lasso - Latacunga

Check-in at the Chimbacalle Railway Station in Quito. Train journey aboard the Tren Crucero across “Volcanoes Avenue”. At the Boliche Railway Station, you leave the train for a visit to a nearby rose farm. Discover the production process of the famous Ecuadorian Roses. You have lunch at the Cotopaxi National Park. After lunch, you do a moderate walk around the small Limpiopungo lagoon. Later in the afternoon, you reach your hotel-hacienda where you stay overnight.

Tren Crucero Cotopaxi
Day 2: Latacunga - Riobamba

The Tren Crucero departs from the Latacunga Railway Station. In Urbina, the train  reaches the highest point of the journey at 3609 meters (11’000ft) above sea level. At this high altitude, you will meet the last Ice Merchant in Ecuador.
After the visit to “La Moya Comunity” where you get introduced to the Quichua – Puruha Culture, the Tren Crucero reaches Riobamba.  You have time to explore this small city before we go to the hotel where you stay overnight.

Tren Crucero at the Chimborazo Mountain
Day 3: Riobamba - Alausi

From the Riobamba Railway Station, the Tren Crucero is pulled by a Steam Locomotive to Colta. The Tren Crucero Journey continues to Guamote where you have time to visit an authentic Andean market, where people from several communities come together to trade a myriad of products. The Guamote Market is one of the most authentic indigenous markets in the Ecuadorian Andes. A short trip by bus will take you to Alausí, where you travel on a regular train the switchbacks over the famous Devil’s Nose. The train loses 500 m of altitude on a distance of 12 km railroad doing spiral curves and one switchback. You stay overnight in a hotel in Alausi.

Devil's Nose
Day 6: Alausi - Guayaquil

Due to problems with the railroad, the journey out of the Andes is made by bus traveling from Alausi to Bucay. Between Bucay and Naranjito, you visit a Cacao Farm where you discover the Ecuadorian Cacao bean and the process to produce Chocolate. You have lunch at the hacienda. The journey on the Tren Crucero continues from Naranjito to Yaguachi where a Baldwin Steam Locomotive is waiting to pull the train all the way to the Duran Railway Station where the Tren Crucero trip ends.

Tren Crucero Yaguachi

Itinerary Guayaquil - Quito

Departure Dates 2019: Jan 22, Feb 09, Feb 23, Mar 09, Mar 23, Apr 06, Apr 20, Jun 15, Jul 13, Jul 27, Aug 10, Aug 24, Sep 07, Sep 21, Oct 05, Oct 19, Nov 02, Nov 16, Nov 30, Dec 14, Dec 27

Day 1: Guayaquil - Alausi

Check-in to the Tren Crucero at the Duran Railway Station. A steam locomotive pulls the train to Yaguachi. A diesel-electric locomotive will pull the train from Yaguachi to Naranjito across Pinapple, Banana and Sugarcane fields. In Naranjito, you visit a Cacao plantation where you get introduced to the cacao bean and the procuction of chocolate.  A Tour bus brings us to the small town of Alausi where you have dinner and spend the night.

Tren Crucero Yaguachi
Day 2: Alausi - Riobamba

You travel on a regular train the switchbacks over the famous Devil’s Nose. The train loses 500 m of altitude on a distance of 12 km railroad doing spiral curves and one switchback. Back in Alausí, you have time for pictures in the small town and visit the local market. A short ride on the tour bus brings you to the Palmira station where the Tren Crucero is waiting. You have lunch on board the train. In Colta will be a Baldwin Steam Locomotive waiting for the Tren Crucero pulling the train all the way to Riobamba. From the train window, you observe fields of quinoa, potatoes, onions, corn, and with some luck, the snow-covered Chimborazo Mountain shows up on our way to the Riobamba Railway Station.

Devil's Nose
Day 3: Riobamba - Latacunga

In the morning, the inhabitants of the community of La Moya will receive us and show as about their daily life; we can interact with them and observe them doing their daily chores. The tour continues towards the Urbina train station, located just over 3,600 meters above sea level. In Urbina, we will meet Baltazar Ushca, the last ice trader of the Chimborazo, who will tell us his story. The Tren Crucero will advance during the afternoon into the Avenue of the Volcanoes to Latacunga where we stay overnight.

Tren Crucero Cotopaxi
Day 1: Latacunga - Quito
We meet at the Latacunga Train Station to travel by bus to the Cotopaxi National Park. Within the Park, we make a moderate walk in the lagoon of Limpiopungo from where we have breathtaking views of the Cotopaxi Volcano. The Tren Crucero will wait near the National Park entrance and bring us to a colonial Hacienda where we will be part of the daily activities of the hacienda. Our tour ends at Quito’s Chimbacalle Railway Station where a private vehicle brings us to our hotel in Quito.
Hacienda San Augustin

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