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Discover Unique Interactive Gastronomic Activities in Lima, Peru

Visitors who want to learn more about Peruvian cuisine and culture in a unique way can indulge in Lima. The capital has several gastronomic activities for tourists who are interested in the development of the most iconic dishes and drinks in Peru. We list a number of sensory spectacles that no connoisseur should miss:

Gastronomic party for all the senses

Peruvian Experience is the first interactive gastronomic attraction in Peru. The new concept recently opened its doors in the Miraflores neighborhood, a favorite area for tourists thanks to the spectacular ocean view. Through an almost two-hour interactive tour, visitors learn about the gastronomic history of Peru, as well as the influences and ecosystems that make Peruvian cuisine one of the most varied and respected in the world.

The 110-minute experience starts in the spectacular ‘Dark Ride’, where visitors learn more about the interesting history of Peruvian gastronomy in an electric cart, followed by a visit to the ‘Pisco Experience’. Then it’s the chef’s turn, who teaches the guests how to make a delicious ceviche or causa limeña – two of the most iconic dishes of Peruvian cuisine. The experience ends with ‘Taste of Peru’: a recreation of a classic Peruvian market with various stalls, where the best of Peruvian gastronomy is tasted during a ten-part tasting.

peruvian experience virtual tour
photo (c) https://peruvianexperience.com

Enjoy peruvian food at great heights

In addition, there are even more unforgettable food experiences in Lima. For example, SkyKitchen offers a three-hour cooking course on a rooftop terrace in the center of the Miraflores District. Visitors can make the most delicious Peruvian dishes and at the same time enjoy a beautiful view of the city. Including Lima’s most extensive fruit tasting, where the taste buds are challenged by more than 35 different fruits, all grown in Peru.

skykitchen lima
photo (c) https://skykitchen.pe

More than just a cooking course

At UrbanKitchen, also in the Miraflores district, visitors learn the tricks and secrets of the varied Peruvian cuisine in a social and informal way. After a visit to the local market, they prepare the tastiest traditional dishes themselves; from the popular ceviche and lomo saltado to the less well-known dishes. Then they go to the table to enjoy the delicious dishes that have just been prepared; an interactive activity that is combined with an incredible restaurant experience.

urbankitchen lima
photo (c) https://www.urbankitchen.pe/

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