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5 Places You Need to Visit When in Buenos Aires, the “Paris of South America”

Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina with the nickname “Paris of South America”, has a beautiful European landscape which makes you almost forget that you are actually in South America.

However, of course the beautiful scenery is not the only what Buenos Aires can offer you.

Today, we will have a quick look at five tourist attractions, which you don’t want to miss while visiting Buenos Aires.

1. The world’s largest road is in Buenos Aires – 9th de Julio Avenue

Let us start with the icon of Buenos Aires, a white obelisk called “Obelisco de Buenos Aires”.

The main Avenue in Buenos Aires, where the obelisk stands, is called 9th de Julio Avenue and it was named after the Argentine Independence Day.

But the fact, which should be noted most is the width of Avenue!

With 8 lanes each way (16 lanes in both directions), this Avenue is known as “the widest Avenue in the world”.

Around the avenue, we can find many tourist attractions such as the Colon Theater, one of the top three theaters of the world.

In order to walk around the area, we definitely need to cross the biggest Avenue, by taking zebra crossing about five times!

It would itself be an interesting attraction to just cross the 9th de Julio Avenue; the world’s widest Avenue!

2. “El Caminito”, the home of Tango and Diego Maradona

If you want to experience the uniqueness of Argentina, El Caminito would be a great option.

Situated in the area called La Boca, “the mouth” in Spanish, was once the neighborhood where new immigrants first established themselves when they arrived in Buenos Aires.

el caminito tango buenos aires

As soon as you arrive in La Boca, you will be welcomed by a figure of a Pope Francis and its signature colorful houses.

The further you go, there are many souvenir shops, little cafes, restaurants which offer live Tango music and dances.

This is the very spot where the Argentinean Tango was born.

It could be also possible that the word “Boca” might sound quite familiar to many soccer fans.

Yes, it is where the “Boca Juniors” is from! The team, the legendary hero of Argentina Diego Maradona had played in!

The Boca Juniors soccer stadium is just about a 5 minutes walk from El Caminito, but for safety reasons it is recommended to take a quick taxi ride.

3. The must see for all the visitors: “Plaza de Mayo”

When visiting Buenos Aires, Plaza de Mayo would be a landmark you definitely want to keep in your visit list.

Plaza de Mayo is a city square, where the most memorizable events in Argentine history took place.

buenos aires plaza de mayo

At the square, you can see a pink building.

Just like The White House in the United States, that is the presidential residence of Argentina called “The Pink House”.

Just opposite of the square, we can overlook the Metropolitan Cathedral, which is a neoclassical cathedral with a beautiful dome-shaped ceiling completed in 1827.

You would first notice the twelve columns in front, which represent the 12 apostles of the disciples of Jesus Christ.

Reachable from the right aisle of the Cathedral, there is the mausoleum of General San Martin, who liberated South America and worked hard on Argentina’s independence.

4. Puerto Madero – The Buenos Aires’ fashion district

Buenos Aires is a city facing the sea and also known for its easy access by boat to the neighbor country Uruguay.

Puerto Madero, the old port of Buenos Aires keeps the maritime atmosphere with the refurbished warehouses, old fashioned port cranes and vessels, while also being surrounded by modern buildings, such as luxury hotels, restaurants and bars.

It’s great to take a walk under the blue sky during daytime or also enjoying the romantic ambiance of the port at night.

5. “El Ateneo” in Buenos Aires – The second most beautiful bookstore in the world

This beautiful bookstore called “El Ateneo Grand Splendid” was once rated “the second most beautiful bookstore in the world” by The Guardian.

It is situated in the area known as the high-end area of Buenos Aires.

The building was initially designed as a theater with a seating capacity of 1050, with elegant rounded balconies and detailed trimmings.

It still remains as stunning today as when it was first built and the history of more than 100 years makes this bookstore easily the oldest bookstore in Buenos Aires.

The breathtaking interior would surely make you forget that you are actually in a bookstore.

el ateneo buenos aires

The stage of the theatre is currently remodeled into a cafe, where you can indulge in books, the aromatic coffee and live piano music.

This would be a perfect place to visit for someone, who wants to have a little break in between their sightseeing trip in Buenos Aires.

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