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5 Most Beautiful Unknown Sights in Santiago de Chile

5 Most Beautiful Unknown Sights in Santiago de Chile

Santiago, the capital of Chile, located at a height of five hundred meters. It is quite possible that you will see the Andes mountains on the bus, through the tall skyscrapers. Although tourism is still under development, there are already plenty of places in the city that are designated as “must-sees” or, in other words, the tourist attractions. If you would like to taste the pure Chilean atmosphere or discover the untreated paths, beautiful unknown sights in Santiago are listed below.

The most beautiful unknown sights in Santiago

Santiago is a beautiful city with a lot to do. Here we are introducing the top 5 unknown sights in Santiago de Chile.

# 1 Visit Barrio Italia

Barrio Italia is very central and easily accessible in Santiago, but make no mistake! The atmosphere in this neighborhood is a mixture of bohemian, hippie and hipster. The long street Avenida Italia is the place to find unique galleries with clothing or home accessories.

In addition, there are dozens of antique shops at the Avenida Italia and Caupolicán intersections. Outside on the street, antique dealers here are cleaning the brass or turning the long-playing records which are also sold. There is no shortage of nice restaurants in this neighborhood, many are hidden in the gardens behind the shops.

Pro tip: We recommend “Cafe Survenir” (Avenida Italia 1489), open from twelve to twelve. Especially the large “Tablas “(planks) are delicious, filled with cheeses, dry sausage, and small sandwiches. The home-made cocktails are great and no more than five dollar served in a large jam jar.

barrio italia santiago

# 2 Visit Chileno de Arte Precolombino

When you talk about sights in Santiago, there is always a museum in between. Unlike many other museums in the city, the Chileno de Arte Precolombino (Bandera 361) museum requests you to pay an entrance fee of around 7,000 pesos / 8 USD.

# 3 Go for a cocktail in Jardín Mallinckrodt

In “Jardín Mallinckrodt” (Mallinkrodt 170) you can find the young hip crowd from Santiago. Usually gulping to a typical Chilean cocktail (Pisco-Sour) or a gin and tonic. Outside in the large garden, there is an atmospheric light cord, food trucks that sell delicious meals and a DJ that plays live music.

For the music alone, this place is worth a visit. The music is even so appreciated that a special Spotify playlist has been created on request with all the songs that are played here.

# 4 Barrio Franklin

This is a little further from the center of Santiago. High apartment buildings and tourists are nowhere to be found here. On the street you see many shopping carts where food is made and from many stores comes the typical South American reggaeton music.

The Bio-Bio market (Franklin 640) is here on Saturdays and Sundays. The streets in this neighborhood are filled with stalls and rugs with everything you can imagine. Antiques, second-hand clothing, and shoes, kitchenware and art. In this neighborhood you can also eat in many places, especially Peruvian restaurants are plentiful.

Pro tip: Try the “Leche de Tigre”,  a Peruvian ceviche dish, or the “Cazuela”, a filling soup including beef, corn, pumpkin, and rice.

piscina antilen santiago

# 5 Dive into Piscina Antilén

Mount San Cristobal, as described in many travel guides, is one of the best-known sights in Santiago. What is less well known, however, is the public swimming pool midway through the walk to the top of the mountain.

The swimming pool, “Piscina Antilén” is open between 10.00 and 18.30 on all days of the week except Monday. The view from the pool is beautiful and there are palm trees and umbrellas offering shade.

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