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5 Best Day Trips from Medellin to Explore the Beauty of Colombia

5 Best Day Trips from Medellin to Explore the Beauty of Colombia

Medellin is one of the most popular cities in Colombia. It is a guaranteed stop for every traveler who travels to Colombia. That is not very strange either, because, in addition to being one of the nicest cities, there is also a lot to see and do. But, if you have spent a few days in the city, you may want to see some other things.

These are the 5 best day trips from Medellin

The surroundings of Medellin are perhaps even more beautiful than the city. You will find coffee plantations, colonial villages and impressive nature that you can visit. And that is fairly easy. Take the bus and within a few hours, you will be in a completely different environment. So sit down, because these are the nicest Medellin day trips that you should consider!


This is, of course, the undisputed king of the day trips that can be booked in Medellin. They also call Guatape the most colorful village in Colombia and those who have ever been there can confirm that. You can easily go there for one day, but we recommend that you go for several days.

Guatape, with its brightly colored houses, the picturesque square and one of Pablo Escobar’s old houses, is certainly worth a visit if you are in Medellin. Yet the attraction here is not the town itself, but the beautiful El Penol rock. Why? Because from here you have an impressive view of the region and the special lakes.

Pro tip: The bus from Medellin to Guatape takes 2.5 hours and costs 13,500 pesos per person (2.50 USD).

medellin to guatape colombia

Santa Fe de Antioquia

One of Colombia’s impressive ‘Heritage Towns’ is Santa Fe de Antioquia, a few hours north of Medellin. It is one of Medellin’s most popular day trips for those looking for a warm climate and beautiful, traditional architecture.

Walking through the beautiful, cobbled streets of Santa Fe is a relaxing venture. The small colonial town is the oldest settlement in the region and was once the capital of Antioquia. Because it has been overshadowed by Medellin for such a long time, the town has never been the victim of new construction, making it look like you’re going back in time. Also, don’t forget to visit the Puento de Occidente bridge!

Pro tip: A bus from Medellin (2 hours) costs 10,000 pesos per person. A minivan costs you 14,000 pesos per person (1.5 hours).

medellin to Santa Fe de Antioquia


If you are talking about Medellin day trips, Jardin should certainly not be missing. This town is, just like Santa Fe, one of the most beautiful towns in the region with beautiful surroundings. The colored houses contrast beautifully with the green hills in the area.

It is a longer day trip. It takes about three hours to get here from Medellin, but it is really worth it! Jardin is perhaps one of the nicest towns in Colombia and much less crowded than, for example, Guatape and Santa Fe. It is the perfect place for coffee lovers. You will find a small square full of tables and chairs and locals drinking coffee, but also local coffee farms and waterfalls. A must-see!

Pro tip: The bus takes 3 hours and costs 18,000 pesos per person. You can also book a tour.

medellin to jardin colombia


Jerico is a little more remote than the other towns mentioned. You see that also on arrival at the locals who are clearly not used to tourists. Just like Guatape, Jardin and Sana Fe, Jerico is a beautiful city that is best known for producing delicious coffee. There are therefore many tours to be booked from Medellin to the coffee plantations.

The central square or the park is a great place to spend time, with a number of restaurants and cafes. You will find two large churches in the city. The Santuario al Inmaculado Corazón de María and the Catedral de Nuestra Señora de Las Mercedes.

You also have a nice viewpoint (Morro El Salvador). At the highest point is a large statue of Christ, but you come here for the spectacular view of Jericó and the mountains. It is one of the nicest day trips to Medellin, but you actually have to go here a few days so that you can also explore the area!

Pro tip: A bus from Terminal del Sur in Medellin costs 46,000 pesos (round trip) and takes 3 hours.

Medellin to Jericó Colombia
Photo (c) Melissa Sanchez A. / Wikimedia Commons

Parque Arvi

This is a bit of a cheat because Parque Arvi is actually in Medellin, but you could easily make it a day trip. That’s how big it is. It is, therefore, one of the more popular day trips to Medellin. It is an ideal getaway from the city and also super easy to reach.

It is quite special that such a large park is just outside of Medellin. And the ride in the cable car there is perhaps even more fun. You have a fantastic view of the city. You can book organized hiking tours and visit lakes in the park. A walking tour costs around 5,000 to 7,000 pesos.

Pro tip: Take the metro to Santo Domingo. As soon as you leave the metro, you buy another ticket for the separate metro line that runs from Santo Domingo to Parque Arvi. This costs around 4,600 pesos (2.20 USD)

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