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Rail South America
Why Choose Rail South America

Why choose Rail South America

Are you ready to discover South America? Turn to the experts at Rail South America, where we specialize in train tours in South America, from the Hiram Bingham train tour to Machu Picchu in Peru, to the Tren Crucero or ‘The Cruise Train’ journey in Ecuador and beyond.

Based in South America, our proximity to the travel destinations that are featured on our site means we’re well-positioned to select the finest tour packages. It’s our extensive local and regional knowledge that sets us apart from many other tour operators. In fact, Rail South America features some of the best tours, including rail lines that are seldom included in many other popular tour packages.

Notably, Rail South America is the world’s one and only tour operators, specializing in train travel in South America.

So why explore by train?

Train tours provide travelers with a unique opportunity to see all of the wonderful sights which would otherwise be missed if you were to fly. And traveling by train is much more comfortable (and less stressful!) than traveling by car or bus.

You’ll relax in comfort, sipping wine or cocktails in the bar car, dining on gourmet meals in the restaurant car or simply enjoying the spectacular views from the observation carriage as you pass through a varied landscape, ranging from high-altitude deserts, to lush countrysides and dramatic jungle-covered mountain regions.

Once you travel by train, you’ll realize that there’s simply no other way to explore the world!

You won’t need to worry about making hotel reservations or finding a reputable tour guide. Our train tours are primarily all-inclusive, meaning that virtually everything you need to enjoy your journey is included as part of your train travel package. We’ve worked to ensure that our packages include everything you need to have a lovely vacation.

And while you’ll enjoy pre-planned excursions at each destination, you’ll also have plenty of time to explore each area individually, at a pace that appeals to you.

These are just some of the many joys of South American train tours and it’s our specialty here at Rail South America! Our site features some of the finest train tours on the continent, with journeys through Peru, Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and beyond.

At Rail South America, we’re experts in train travel.

We’re avid world travelers who’ve explored South America’s many wonderful sights via the very same train tour packages that we offer here on-site.

If you’re ready to book a train tour in South America, turn to the experts here at Rail South America. We invite you to view our tour packages and when you’re ready to book your fare, call us on +593 2 2955 939 or use our Enquiry Form.

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