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Rail South America
Tren Crucero
Duration: 4 Days / 3 Nights
Destination: Ecuador
Price: from USD 1393.--

Tren Crucero — or ‘The Cruise Train’ — is a four day, three night Ecuador train tour that’s certain to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you’ll never forget! Come aboard Tren Crucero’s vintage train car for an incredible voyage through Ecuador’s countryside. You’ll get a taste of this South American nation’s culture, heritage and spirit, as you journey along the historic rail line that extends from Quito in the high Andes to Ecuador’s lush coastal regions.

In fact, passengers on this Ecuador train tour will enjoy spectacular scenery, ranging from beautiful volcanoes to thriving green plains. Tren Crucero accommodates 54 passengers in its luxurious carriages, which will take you from Quito to Latacunga, Riobamba, Bucay and Duran. Book your ride aboard Tren Crucero and discover Ecuador’s premier train tour!


    Tren Crucero




    Price 2015 per person sharing a double room USD 1393.–

    Single Room supplement: USD 106.–

    Price 2016 per person sharing a double room: USD 1’450.–

    >Single Room supplement: USD 111.–



    • Accommodation in comfortable hotels mentioned or similar
    • Meals as indicated (B=Breakfast, L=Lunch, D=Dinner)
    • English speaking Tour Leaders and Local Guides
    • Transfers to selected Hotels in Quito/Guayaquil at the the end of the trip
    • Entrance fees and Sightseeing
    • Train Tickets of the Tren Crucero



    • International flight tickets
    • Early check-in / late check-out in Hotels
    • Tips for guides




    Oct 27 – 30 Quito – Duran
    Nov 01 – 04 Duran – Quito
    Nov 10 – 13 Quito – Duran
    Nov 15 – 18 Duran – Quito
    Nov 24 – 27 Quito – Duran
    Nov 29 – Dec 02 Duran – Quito
    Dec 08 – 11 Quito – Duran
    Dec 13 – 16 Duran – Quito
    Dec 22 – 25 Quito – Duran
    Dec 27 – 30 Duran – Quito



    Jan 12 – 15 Quito – Guayaquil
    Jan 17 – 20 Guayaquil – Quito
    Jan 26 – 29 Quito – Guayaquil
    Jan 31 – Feb 03 Guayaquil – Quito
    Feb 07 – 10 Guayaquil – Quito
    Feb 09 – 12 Quito – Guayaquil
    Feb 14 – 17 Guayaquil – Quito
    Feb 23 – 26 Quito – Guayaquil
    Feb 28 – Mar 02 Guayaquil – Quito
    Mar 08 – 11 Quito – Guayaquil
    Mar 13 – 16 Guayaquil – Quito
    Mar 22 – 25 Quito – Guayaquil
    Mar 27 – 30 Guayaquil – Quito
    Apr 05 – 08 Quito -Guayaquil
    Apr 10 – 13 Guayaquil – Quito
    Apr 19 – 22 Quito -Guayaquil
    Apr 24 – 27 Guayaquil – Quito
    May 03 – 06 Quito -Guayaquil
    May 08 – 11 Guayaquil – Quito
    May 17 – 20 Quito -Guayaquil
    May 22 – 25 Guayaquil – Quito
    May 31 – Jun 03 Quito -Guayaquil
    Jun 05 – 08 Guayaquil – Quito
    Jun 14 – 17 Quito -Guayaquil
    Jun 19 – 22 Guayaquil – Quito
    Jun 28 – Jul 01 Quito -Guayaquil
    Jul 05 – 08 Quito -Guayaquil
    Jul 10 – 13 Guayaquil – Quito
    Jul 19 – 22 Quito -Guayaquil
    Jul 24 – 27 Guayaquil – Quito
    Aug 02 – 05 Quito -Guayaquil
    Aug 06 – 09 Guayaquil – Quito
    Aug 09 – 12 Quito -Guayaquil
    Aug 13 – 16 Guayaquil – Quito
    Aug 16 – 19 Quito -Guayaquil
    Aug 20 – 23 Guayaquil – Quito
    Aug 23 – 26 Quito – Guayaquil
    Aug 27 – 30 Guayaquil – Quito
    Aug 30 – Sep 02 Quito – Guayaquil
    Sep 03 – 06 Guayaquil – Quito
    Sep 06 – 09 Quito -Guayaquil
    Sep 10 – 13 Guayaquil – Quito
    Sep 13 – 16 Quito -Guayaquil
    Sep 17 – 20 Guayaquil – Quito
    Sep 20 – 23 Quito -Guayaquil
    Sep 24 – 27 Guayaquil – Quito
    Sep 27 – 30 Quito -Guayaquil
    Oct 02 – 05 Guayaquil – Quito
    Oct 11 – 14 Quito -Guayaquil
    Oct 16 – 19 Guayaquil – Quito
    Oct 25 – 28 Quito -Guayaquil
    Oct 30 – Nov 02 Guayaquil – Quito
    Nov 08 – 11 Quito -Guayaquil
    Nov 13 – 16 Guayaquil – Quito
    Nov 22 – 25 Quito -Guayaquil
    Nov 27 – 30 Guayaquil – Quito
    Dec 06 – 09 Quito -Guayaquil
    Dec 11 – 14 Guayaquil – Quito
    Dec 20 – 23 Quito -Guayaquil
    Dec 25 – 28 Guayaquil – Quito



  • 1st Day: Tuesday: Quito – Lasso

    The crew from “Tren Crucero” meets and greets you at the Quito railway-station. As soon s the train leaves the city, it enters the famous Volcanoes Avenue where you enjoy amazing views of Mt Cotopaxi and other high volcanoes. At the Boliche railway-station, a bus is waiting for you to visit the Cotopaxi National Park. You have lunch at the Hacienda San Augustin de Callo which was an ancient ceremonial site for the incas. In the afternoon, you are invited to a private cultural event at the Lasso railway-station. Dinner and the night you spend at a Hotel near Latacunga. (L/D)

    2nd Day: Wednesday: Lasso – Riobamba

    A bus brings you to the Latacunga railway-station where you board the Tren Crucero. The first stop is at the Nevado Rose farm. This morning you get introduced to the famous Ecuadorian Roses which are exported worldwide. In the late morning, the train follows the Inter Andean valley to Ambato where you have lunch. In the afternoon, the train climbs to Urbina at 3609m (11’840ft), the highest point of our journey. Here, in the skirts of Ecuador’s highest mountain Mt. Chimborazo, you meet Ecuador’s last ice trader. You have dinner and spend the night in a Hotel near Riobamba. (B/L/D)

    3rd Day: Thursday: Riobamba – Bucay

    The Tren Crucero leaves from the Riobamba Railway Station early morning. Take photos of the dramatic Mt. Chimborazo while the train travels to Guamote. In Guamote, you have time to explore the authentic and colorful indigenous market. During the afternoon, the Tren Crucero descends to Alausi and from there, over the famous “Devil’s Nose” to Sibambe. The train leaves slowly the Andes and enters the tropics following the Chanchan river. In the evening, the Tren Crucero reaches Bucay where you have dinner and spend the night. (B/L/D)

    4th Day: Friday: Bucay – Guayaquil

    Learn about the best cacao in the World when you visit a cacao plantation. You have lunch at the cacao farm. During the afternoon, the train crosses the fertile plain between the Andes and the Guayas River. Rice, Banana and Cacao Plantations alternate with small towns. The train reaches Duran where the tour ends in the early evening. (B/L)

    (B = Breakfast, L = Lunch, D = Dinner)



  • 1st Day: Sunday: Guayaquil – Bucay

    The crew of the Tren Crucero meet and greets you at the railway-station in Duran. In the morning, the train crosses the fertile plain between the Guayas River and the Andes. Rice, Banana and Cacao Plantation alternate with small towns. Learn about the best cacao in the World at the cacao plantation where you have lunch. You have dinner and spend the night in a hotel near Bucay. (L/D)

    2nd Day: Monday: Bucay – Riobamba

    The Tren Crucero slowly enters the Andes following the charming Chanchan valley. Take photos below the famous Devil’s Nose before the train starts its ascent over this engineering marvel. The train does a short stop in Alausi before the journey continues to Guamote where you have lunch. Explore this fascinating and colorful town before you continue on the train to Riobamba. You have dinner and stay overnight in a Hotel near Riobamba. (B/L/D)

    3rd Day: Tuesday: Riobamba – Lasso

    You travel on the train from Riobamba to Urbina, the highest point of our journey at 3609m (11’840ft) above sea level. Enjoy breathtaking views of Ecuador’s highest mountain Mt. Chimborazo. In Urbina, you meet Ecuador’s last ice-trader. You have lunch in the city of Ambato which is famous for its flower, and fruit production. The next train stop is at Nevado Roses where you learn about the famous Ecuadorian Roses. You continue on the train to Latacunga where you spend the night at a nearby Hotel. (B/L/D)

    4th Day: Wednesday: Lasso – Quito

    You visit the Cotopaxi National Park in the morning. Enjoy excellent views of this conical shaped, snow-capped Volcano. Lunch you have at the hacienda San Augustin de Callo which was a ceremonial site for the Incas. At the Boliche railway-station, you board the train for the journey to Quito trough the Volcanoes Avenue. The Tren Crucero reaches the Chimbacalle railway-station in Quito in the late afternoon. (B/L)

    (B=Breakfast, L=Lunch, D=Dinner)



  • Hacienda La CienegaCotopaxi

    The Hacienda La Cienega is a fantastic Ecuadorian Highland Hacienda. The hacienda played a role in Ecuadorian history when Simon Bolivar and Alexander Von Humboldt lived here. The huge guest-rooms with high ceilings, the courtyard with the historic fountain and the old chapel convey the special charm of this unique and important place.

    Hacienda Hato VerdeCotopaxi

    The Hacienda Hato Verde is another important place that we use to accommodate our customers in the Cotopaxi region. 140 year old dairy hacienda is family owned. The owners family looks personally for our gustes who stay at the elegant hacienda in cozy, comfortable guest rooms each equipped with a private fireplace.

    Hotel Hacienda AbraspungoRiobamba

    The Hosteria Abraspungo is a comfortable place to stay in a residential outskirt of Riobamba. The comfortable rooms go to a courtyard with a nice garden. From Abraspungo you enjoy fabulous views of Ecuador’s highest mountain, the Chimborazo. The rooms offer all amenities you expect from a comfortable hotel.

    Hacienda La AndaluzaRiobamba

    The Hacienda Chuquipogio is the home of the Hosteria La Andaluza. The hacienda was built in 1555 and is a ecuadorian cultural heritage site, about about 15km north of Riobamba. Simon Bolivar stayed at this hacienda overnight when he was traveling south of Quito. The historial guest rooms add to the historic ambiance of this place and many spectacular views of the breathtaking Chimborazo mountain.

    Hosteria D'FrancoBucay

    The Hosteria D’Franco is a hotel at the hilly, tropical feet of the Ecuadorian Andes. The deep green tropical scenery, with tropical flowers, characterises this part of Ecuador. The comfortable rooms offer all you need for a comfortable night. Don’t forget to do a night walk in the hotel unique surroundings.