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Andean Explorer Train

Map Andes ExplorerDelight in the mysticism of the stunning Peruvian Andean panorama aboard the extravagant Andes Explorer Train.

Andean Explorer BalconyTraveling on the Andean Explorer is a one-of-a-kind experience that takes you into the mountains, highlands and even the clouds. At the end of the luxurious 10 hour train ride is the magnificent Lake Titicaca and on the path there, travellers will experience the transforming panoramas among mountain ranges, rolling plains, as well as the diverse weather conditions of the region.

The Andes Explorer Train goes to heights of 14,150 feet along one of the world’s highest standard-gauge railway paths. The adventure begins at 8 a.m. and concludes at 6 p.m. in both directions. One of the highlights is the breathtaking sunset along Lake Titicaca just a couple of miles before Puno.

The Andean Explorer engages you in an exquisite space adorned with understated, refined theme of the spectacular Pullman trains of the 1920s. It has dining cars and bar-cars. The Andean Explorer is the most lavish and unique ways to travel from Cuzco and Lake Titicaca. This luxury train includes 4 first-class coaches with tables and seating, a first-class lounge as well as kitchen and baggage coaches.

Andean Explorer Bar WagonSeating on the train is at tables of two and four. On the journey passengers are served a three-course lunch at their assigned seat and table. The coaches are beautifully designed in delicate beiges with china, silver, linens and a unique lamp fixture on every dining table. Enjoy after-lunch coffee in the observation/bar-car, returning to your table for afternoon tea.

The lounge coach features a compact bar, tables, and ample comfortable chairs. The most significant characteristic is the glass-walled, observation deck area with open platform, a place where you’ll occupy a great deal of your time as you take in the absolutely awe-inspiring vista. Plan to indulge in the area libation, pisco sours. Expect friendly and outstanding service on your journey that is professional but definitely not stuffy.

Our Tours that Include the Andes Explorer Train


10 Days / 9 Nights
If you’re ready to discover Peru, trains offer the perfect opportunity to see all of the incredible sights! Come aboard for a 10 day, 9-night...
USD 3'190.--


21 Days / 20 Nights
  • Discover the cities of Buenos Aires, La Paz and Lima
  • Train journeys on "Tren a las Nubes" and Andes Explorer
  • Visit of the Uyuni Salt Flat, Lake Titicaca and Machu Picchu
  • Overnight stays in excellent 3+ and 4* Hotels
  • Many meals are inlcuded
USD 6'364.--