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Lima – Huancayo Train Departure Dates 2018

We received the departure dates for the Lima – Huancayo Train in 2018. In case you plan a one-way journey only, make the Lima – Huancayo trip where you travel the scenic part of the railroad in the morning. In the afternoon, the picturesque part of the journey is it often shrouded in clouds.

You should be adequately acclimatized to the altitude before making this trip.  A nurse is onboard the train from Lima to Huancayo, but the ascend from nearly sea level to 4700 meters in a short period can cause altitude problems to travelers.

There is the possibility to travel on the Huancayo – Huancavelica train (Tren Macho) the day after arrival in Huancayo. This journey is often possible, but it might be necessary that you return from Huancavelica to Huancayo with a private taxi. The road trip from Huancavelica to Cusco via Ayacucho and Andahualas is time-consuming because the road has many curves and ups and downs. Plan for this trip at least 2 – 3 days.

Travel dates of the train Lima – Huancayo – Lima in 2018

Lima to Huancayo Mar 29 – Huancayo to Lima Apr 01
Lima to Huancayo Apr 28 – Huancayo to Lima May 01
Lima t0 Huancayo Jun 29 – Huancayo to Lima Jul 01
Lima to Huancayo Jul 26 Huancayo to Lima Jul 29
Lima to Huancayo Aug 10 – Huancayo to Lima Aug 12
Lima to Huancayo Aug 30 – Huancayo to Lima Sep 02
Lima to Huancayo Oct 06 – Huancayo to Lima Oct 08
Lima to Huancayo Nov 01 – Huancayo to Lima Nov 04
Lima to Huancayo Nov 23 – Huancayo to Lima Nov 25

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