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Lima - Huancayo Train Departures 2017

Lima – Huancayo Train 2017

Ferrocarril Central Andino (FCCA) published the departure dates 2017 for South America’s highest Train journey Lima – Huancayo – Lima. FCCA keeps the right to cancel passenger train trips due to severe weather conditions, landslides or strikes.

Lima – La Oroya – (Huancayo) is a cargo railroad that transports copper and other precious metals from the Peruvian Andes to Callao, Peru’s largest port. Passenger trains on this railroad have no priority for the operating company.

The published departure times for the train from Lima and Huancayo is at 7 am. The journey in either direction takes about 12 – 14 hours (and sometimes longer).

Departures for 2017:


Lima – Huancayo: Thursday,  13 April
Huancayo – Lima: Sunday,  16 April
Lima- Huancayo: Friday, 28 April


Huancayo – Lima: Monday, 01 May
Lima – Huancayo: Thursday, 25 May
Huancayo – Lima: Sunday, 28  May


Lima – Huancayo: Friday, 16 June
Huancayo- Lima: Sunday, 18 June
Lima – Huancayo: Thursday, 29 June


Huancayo – Lima: Thursday, 02 July
Lima – Huancayo: Friday, 28 July
Huancayo – Lima: Sunday 30 July


Lima – Huancayo: Thursday, 10 August
Huancayo – Lima: Sunday, 13 August
Lima – Huancayo:  Sunday, 27 August
Huancayo – Lima: Tuesday, 30 August


Lima – Huancayo: Thursday, 14 August
Huancayo – Lima: Sunday, 17 August


Lima – Huancayo: Jueves, 05 October
Huancayo – Lima: Domingo, 08 October
Lima – Huancayo: Domingo, 29 October


Huancayo – Lima: Wednesday, 01 October
Lima – Huancayo: Thursday, 23 November
Huancayo – Lima: Sunday, 26 November



    Avez vous les dates pour 2018 Mois de Mai et Juin?

    • Peter Lauffer Reply

      Nous connaîtrons les dates de départ du train Lima-Huancayo en octobre ou novembre 2017. Dès que nous recevons les dates, nous les publierons sur notre web.

  2. daniel aubort Reply

    Bonjour, j’aimerai avoir les dates pour le train lima huancayo pour 2018 et l’heure du départ.

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