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Autoferro Aiquile - Sucre

Andean Train Journeys in Bolivia (2)

The “Autoferro” journeys from Potosi to Sucre and from Aiquile to Cochabamba are unique train adventures in central Bolivia. You seldom visit the region between Potosi and Cochabamba with standard tours. The suggested itinerary starts in Potosi from where you travel across a green hilly countryside, following rivers and mountain ranges to Sucre, the constitutional capital city of Bolivia.

From Sucre to Aiquile you have to take a bus but then starts an even more remote “Autoferro-Adventure”. The Autoferro journey from Aiquile to Cochabamba is a unique way to experience Bolivia, far away from the main tourist streams. Enjoy spectacular landscapes and observe life around the “autoferro” when it arrives at small villages along the way.

“Autoferro” from Potosi to Sucre

You reach Potosi easy from Uyuni by bus in about 3 hours. The city is at 4000 m above sea level. Don’t forget to visit a silver mine when you are there. The Autoferro to El Tejar (Sucre) leaves at 8:00 am from Potosi’s railway station on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. The Departure from Sucre to Potosi leaves on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8 am. You can get train tickets only on the day of departure at the railway station. Note that this train is a “Comunitary Train Service” which means that the reason of the train is to transport the local population and their goods from far away locations to urban areas. I don’t recommend to bring a lot of luggage to this journey.

“Autoferro” from Aiquile to Cochabamba

This train from Aiquile to Cochabamba is not reliable, check if the train departs before you travel to the remote village of Aiquile from Sucre. In Aiquile exists one or two simple hostels where you can stay overnight. The trip on the “Autoferro” to Cochabamba is very scenic. Do not plan something else for the day; the train arrives when it arrives. For the 200 km distance has the train about 10 hours. The “Autoferro” calls very remote indigenous communities. The life on the train can be as exciting as the scenery you enjoy from the train. The “Autoferro” leaves from Aiquile to Cochabamba at 8 am every Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday and returns from Cochabamba to Aiquile Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

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